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There's really nothing difficult to figure out about our pricing. We have three plans. It's either free, or it's not. It's that simple. To access the free content, you must create an account. That's it.

Nothing to sign. No Credit Card needed. It's a zero hassle agreement. 

Our Three Product Models

We think this is the easiest pricing model around! DIY - We provide the links to resources. You do the work. DIT - We 'Do It Together" with One To One, one hour sessions. DIG - Done In Groups is provided through daily Circadian Clinics.

  • What Is Blab?

    What Is Blab?

    Blab is a livestreaming platform. It enables a public video between four people at a time. It's very similar to Google Hangouts, but is much easier. It is also less private. A Blab may be watched by anyone with an internet connection. At this time, it is not possible to have a private Blab. But it is possible to hide a Blab after it is completed.

    Viewers who are logged into Blab can participate. They can leave comments on both the desktop application and the mobile version. When seats are available and open, a viewer can request to join. The host makes the decision to accept them.

    The Rules Of Blab

    Blab doesn’t really have rules, but the BLAB team has created some ‘agreements’ or guidelines they would like the community to go by:

    • Respect each other
    • Honor the viewer’s time
    • Let others talk
    • Don’t be an awful person to be around
    • Argue the point, not the person
    • The host sets the rules to the party (unless they conflict with these rules)
  • How To Use Blab Course

    How to use BlabLearning how to blab is easy. Learning how to Blab Like You Own It is a different story. In these modules you'll learn How To Use Blab. It focuses on providing you the experience to get you up and running quickly.

    • Instructors: Stan Bush, Nina Trankova, Ron Snayberger, Michele De Socia
    • Modules: 20
    • Skill Level: All
    • Languages: English, Bulgarian
    • Requirements: Computer, Web Cam, Internet Connection
    • Other Benefits: 3 Months Access to “10 Minute Tutorials”
      Ability To request your own tutorial
      1 month Access to Online Community (the paid area) 

    Expected Outcome

    We start with the beginning in mind. This course covers the following topics. At the end of the course, you will understand them completely.

    • When, How and Why to "Tell A Little Bird"
    • What, When, and Why to "Give Props"
    • When, Why and How to use "@HELP"
    • Where, How, and Why to "Use the / Comment Command"
    • Where and How to Manage Your Blab Notifications
    • What are mentions an How To Use Them


    Like anything, Blab is more fun when you participate. We'll make sure you understand how to use Blab. First impressions are always long lasting.

    • How many seats are in a Blab?
    • How can you tell who the host is?
    • How to join the Blab, and what can you do as a guest?
    • How many people are viewing a blab, and from where?
    • How to manage your notifications?
    • How to use Gmail to manage your notifications.
    • How To find replays?

    Power User Profiles

    A good profile can do a lot for you. It's what people use to determine who to follow. Admit it. So do you. We'll show you what Power Users do to enhance theirs.

    • Where, How, and Why to "Optimize Your Profile"
    • What's so important about Your Name, Email, Bio, Image
    • How to find people that you would feel interested to follow.
    • What's the relationship between your Twitter & Blab Profiles
    • Should your profile include the links to your Websites and Hashtags
    • Where, How, and Why to embed your Blab Profile.
    • How to use your profile to increase your engagement with others.
    • How to use others profiles to increase their engagement with you.
    • How to find out how long you, and others, have been on Blab
  • How To Host A Blab Course

    How To Host A BlabThere are a lot of people hosting Blabs. There are many great hosts. There are very few great shows. That's because they don't plan on them being great. All they want is some time on screen. We get it. We understand it. It's not important to them to present a professional appearance. We just don't want to do that ourselves. And we aren't looking for those people. We're looking for those that understand the importance of online streaming. 

    Our Promise To You

    Take our course. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes. We can't promise you that you'll fill up the seats. But we can promise you that you'll know what you're doing. And we can promise you that our planner on creating a long running series of Blabs works. And you'll be glad you used it. 

    Nothing to sign. No Credit Card needed. It's a zero hassle agreement. 

    What You Will Learn

    What you learn is important. How you will learn it is just as important. All of our paid plans include teaching you the way professionals setup their Blabs.

    • How to setup your Blab. From start to finish.
    • How, Where and Why to create a professional image for your Blab
    • How and where to pre-test your settings for Blab
    • How to be prepared when things go really bad technically (and they will), on your blab.
    • How to promote your Blab across all the social networks
    • How to find and use the list of people who attended your blab.
    • How to embed your blabs on your website.
    • how to embed your Blabs on Facebook.
    • How to upload your Blabs to YouTube.
    • How to use our Checklist to create your Blab Plan
    • How to repurpose the content from your Blabs
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  • Do It Yourself

    Do It Yourself

    Registration gives you access to our private "How To" videos. Learn Blab at your pace.
    $0.00 Access To Our Library of Videos Learn At Your Own Pace Available 365 Days a year, 24x7. New Blab features are updated weekly.
  • Do It Together

    Do It Together

    If you would prefer one to one support, this is it. The full list of modules is below.
    $197 All Features of the DIY plan Two - One Hour Training Sessions. One Month Phone/Email Support Creation of your own Blab Broadcast.
  • Done In Groups

    Done In Groups

    Learn how to use Blab in an online classroom environment. We cover all topics together.
    $48 per month All Features of the DIY Plan Access to Daily Circadian Clinics on Blab Community Help With Your Blab Circadian Community Subscription.
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